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In a world where the economic situations keep varying with every passing minute, it is difficult to manage one’s fuel costs. In order to cut down on the fuel consumption of vehicles, the automotive manufacturing industry has made various modifications. These are practical measures that have reduced fuel consumption tremendously.

These measures have ensured that the vehicles manufactured, now provide better mileage and cut down on harmful emissions. These modifications have also brought down the amount of wear and tear that the engine experiences; thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Modifications Made by the Automotive Manufacturing Industry That Have Increased Efficiency

The following is a list of some of the changes made in the basic design, engine, and the overall layout of vehicles; that cuts down on erratic fuel consumption.

  • Some manufacturers have made amendments in the engine of the car so that it heats up the oil to more than 100 degrees as compared to primitive vehicles. This means that the engine of the said car is supposed to put in less input but derive a greater output; thereby increasing the efficiency of the car.
  • Fuel efficient cars feature ‘circular’ engines that utilize eighty percent of fuel which is normally dissipated as heat by primitive engine models. In order to do so, the car engine utilizes the heat that is emitted from the tailpipe and uses it to heat up the oil.
  • Fuel efficient car models emit the lowest percentages of carbon dioxide which means fewer incidences of fines and penalties.
  • Also noteworthy is the fact that the automotive manufacturing industry around the world has increased their technical capacities to test vehicles before they are released in the market.
  • Vehicles are made in an aerodynamic fashion with a primary focus on using lightweight materials to cut back on fuel consumption.
  • Vehicles are made better, cause they are using environmentally sound plasma treatment of the surfaces before painting the cars
Manufacturing Industry - old car
Old car – not an example of how efficient modern cars are!

The Bottom Line

With many technical advancements and the discovery of cost effective and fuel efficient methods. The automotive manufacturing industry across the world has now made it possible to develop and drive vehicles that are easy on your pocket.

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