Why Metals Are Used in the Automobile Industry

Metal: Silver and gold may seem to have taken the throne but when it comes to building a strong automobile industry, it is base metals that take the lead. These have proven to be the key to success in terms of constructing durable structures and lasting vehicles. Read on to find out why metal is becoming increasingly popular in the automobile industry.

Motorcycle chrome
Motorcycle chrome

Characteristics of Metals

Chemical Properties

  • Can form alloys
  • Enables and speeds up various chemical reactions
  • Adds attributes to plastics such as flame resistance, decreased degradation rate etc
  • Non corrosive

Mechanical Properties

  • Strength
  • Ductility
  • Malleability
  • Maximum resistance to pressure and stretching


  • Excellent conductance of electricity and heat
  • Ability to become super conductor at -273 degrees

Magnetic Properties

  • Paramagnetic in nature
  • Absorbs radiation

The Three Types of Metal Used Extensively in the Automobile Industry

Steel (Iron)

Iron is the most extensively used metal in the automobile industry. Galvanized sheets, fine grain, alloy and carbon, this metal is used in a number of ways to design cars of utter luxury and endurance. Various parts of the vehicles that we use such as the chassis, roof, brakes, wheels, engine, and exhaust; all utilize steel for their construction. More than a single kind of steel is used in order to carry out the construction of a car. Perhaps, the biggest advantage of using steel is that it is available in different grades, which renders lightness to the body of the car.


Aluminum foil
Aluminum foil

Stronger and lighter than steel, aluminum is widely used in automobile construction. The most pragmatic cars from Jaguar and Audi are built using aluminum. It is easier to shape as compared to carbon fiber and renders excellent endurance to whatever part is made out of it.


This is the most popular form of construction material when it comes to the construction of automobiles. Used in the form of carbon fiber, this material is hand-laid in expensive F1 cars as well as in the mainstream cars where its cheaper version is utilized.


Metal is not generally considered to be glamorous. But its utilization in the automobile industry has given us some of the most practical cars that we see on the roads today.

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