Plasma and Corona Technology Seminars

Do you know how plasma treatment or corona surface treatment works? If not, you should attend our technology seminar this June in Nürnberg, Germany.

At the seminar, there will be theoretical talks but also a demonstration of the results of plasma and corona treatments.

Plasma and corona treatment improves adhesion and wettability on plastic and metal surfaces. To bond plastic materials to other materials, or to print on a plastic surface, you need to change or raise the surface energy to make it possible for the adhesives to attach.

The theory behind plasma and corona, contains a change of the surface structure of materials, generated by a high voltage electrical discharge. We will also show the difference between plasma and corona and we can explain when plasma is most efficient to use and when to choose corona instead. To show you the result of a plasma and corona surface treatment, we are bringing our equipment to demonstrate the effect on different surfaces.

Sign-up for the seminar here: surface treatment technology seminar