How Plastics Have Shaped the Automobile Industry

Normally we only discuss the surface treatment of metal objects on this blog, but sometimes we also find the need to show how other technologies correlate to the one we are using.

green plastic
These objects can also be treated with surface treatment systems
plastic surface treatment
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Plastic is the most high performance substance used in the automobile industry today. Not only is it very light, but it is also as cost efficient as it is light and does not tax the engine. Estimates suggest that you can reduce your fuel consumption by 5-7% if you reduce the weight of your vehicle by 10%. Some of the other features that make this material appealing for automobile manufacturers are:

  • Recyclability
  • Minimal corrosion
  • Freedom to create innovative designs
  • Flexibility in the integration of components
  • Economical
  • Safe

The Various Kinds of Plastic Used in the Automobile Industry

The following are different kinds of plastic that are used in the automobile industry. The first three types are used extensively in the automobile industry only.

  • Polypropylene

This thermoplastic polymer is rugged and super resistant to many chemical solvents, acids and bases. This is used to manufacture car bumpers, cable insulation, carpet fibers, chemical tanks and gas cans.

  • Polyurethane

This elastomeric polymer is extremely tough, resistant and flexible. This material can become rubber soft to becoming as hard as a bowling ball. It is used in the manufacture of foam seating, suspension bushings, electrical potting compounds, elastomeric wheels and tires, and foam insulation panels.

  • Poly Vinyl Chloride

Possessing good flexibility, thermal stability and being extremely flame retardant, this material is used in sheathing of electrical wires and cables and in constructing automobile instrument panels.

  • ABS
Plastic Surfaces

This copolymer is synthesized by combining styrene with acrylonitrile. Polybutadiene is added to enhance the synthesis. Wheel covers, dashboards and automotive body parts are manufactured from this plastic.

  • Polyamide (PA, Nylon 6/6, Nylon 6)

This general purpose nylon has good resistance and mechanical strength. This is used to manufacture gears, cams, weather proof coatings and bushes.

  • Polystyrene (PS)

Exhibiting excellent electrical and chemical resistance, this plastic is used to manufacture buttons, display bases and car fittings.

The Final Word

Providing engine efficiency, ready availability and durability, plastic has become the number one choice for automobile manufacturers across the world.


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