Adhesive Bonding – Techniques and Considerations

Plasma treatment nozzle

A technical synopsis of different methods of adhesive joining

Adhesives are considered as one of the most reliable options for joining two substrates together. Unlike other methods of bonding, adhesives keep the geometry and properties of the materials intact. The technique has considerably matured over the years and every industry relies on adhesive bonding to produce high quality products.


Most substrates like metals and polymers are not wettable by adhesives and require some pre-adhesion treatment. There are a number of surface preparation techniques for making materials suitable for adhesions. Some of the commercially used techniques are: Read more

An Introduction to Adhesive Bonding

Most industries rely on techniques like screwing, soldering and welding for joining components together. Another reliable method of unification is adhesive bonding. Contrary to the general perception, this technique is not only used to join plastic parts, but automotive, ship and aircraft manufacturing industries have also been using this technique for years to join metallic parts together. Moreover, modern adhesive equipments and innovations have made this unification technique more reliable than ever. Unlike welding or soldering, the equipment used in this technique is considerably cost effective. Manufacturers are also using hybrid bonding techniques by combining the use of adhesives with other joining techniques to produce high quality products. Read more