The popular Red cups are also surface treated

In parties and rites of passage into “adulthood, by” we drink beer, wine and liquor. We normally use the red cups. A good thing about them is that they regulate the drinking and have a convenient gauge for alcohol pourage. We need not stress ourselves up since the red cups have lines that are a measurement of the rate of drinking. These plastic party cups’ lines are three with reasons;

  1. Bottom line-Is a line for liquor.
  2. Second line-Is a line for wine.
  3. Top line-Is a line for beer.

The top can be filled with carbonated drink. These are the measurements for the different types of alcohol. I like this since it shows the red cup has more purpose than design and beautification. It has a good grip. The size is good for drinking too and it can be used again, what we need to do is to wash them and store so that we get value for our money. The feel good hold and grip did help me have my drink safe without worry of it falling down.

Red cups also surface treated
Red cups are also surface treated

Plastic party cups have an advantage to the environment too. I did my research and found that when disposed it takes a short time to decompose. The time is at least 14 years and the decomposing time can also be shortened by using bacteria that eats up the plastic composition. The plastic should be mixed with the bacteria uniformly so that decomposition proceed and end at the same time all over the waste.


The beergames at parties are made interesting by these cups. There sizes are small and make them possible to be arranged in a small area so that guys can throw balls in them and gamble the night out till morning. The beergames will encourage drinking of beer and wine while playing. In common knowledge, beer and wine have health advantages over the spirits and playing it will encourage people to drink responsibly.

These cups have a good quality and can be stacked up without them spoiling. When I had a house party, the space in the table was spared well for placing other things only when the cups were stacked together. People would remove them when they need to use them and save the rest for others. For people who did not want to lose a cup, they would use a sharp needle to write their name. The cup could be left anywhere and the owner could come and locate it where he/she left it and continue using it still. This saved the usage of these plastics at its minimal ensuring that the environment is well kept too.

The popular red cups, used in beer games - also plastic which is surface treated.
The popular red cups, used in beer games – also plastic which is surface treated.

The use of these cups to me is amazing and stylish. It brightened my party and up to now it is going to be my partner in every party that I am going to hold.

The attendees to will have to give me some respect for having these cups since they are classy. My friends had the best time of their lives with drinks in the red cups and beergames too using them.
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